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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  November 16, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a new look into the newly in -- melee in towson. >> the video revealed police officers trying to control a defiant crowd of almost 2000 people. here is david collins with a detailed timeline of how the night unfolded. >> under orders to use restraint and make as few arrests as possible, police encountered fistfights, roaming moms, -- mobs, and marijuana smoke. 1500 people shut down the road, and this was only the first wave of trouble. the investigative services unit, of violent crimes unit, maryland state police, and the universe of the officers attempted to take control. 911 calls revealed the police
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had their hands full. quick and the police immediately. >> there is a fight. >> outside the library. >> i need medical assistance. >> the team used canines to push the crowd down the road, but the mob would reform in the street. the problem started when the theater began turning people away from a charity event sponsored by a chapter of the fraternity. the owners closed the doors when it reached 600 capacity. the crowd broke the doors to try to get in. homer brian -- owner brian reck er used a bullhorn to tell the crowd the event was sold out, but nobody listened. the crowd laughed at him. and as a, the mob spelled -- swelled to 2500 people. at least one person -- >> -- at least one person fired
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shots. the victim had just left the theater and was walking to his car, when a car drove up and he was shot twice. up one point, trying to break up a fight, the unruly crowd surrounded officers to keep them from intervening. police used pepper spray to say to withdraw. one officer's face was pounded, and his front teeth were knocked loose. police arrested seven people for disorderly conduct and second- degree assault. on monday, theater owners will defend themselves before the liquor board. this is a hearing on why their licence should not be suspended or revoked. wbal-tv 11 news. >> 10 people are under arrest and 14 others charged with felton -- with felony drug crimes. in a joint effort with the
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bureau of of colorado, tobacco, -- of alcohol, they have made several arrests. there has been an uptick in violent crime in the neighborhood since the summer months, including a murder and 10 non fatal shootings. how did a professor of neurology at johns hopkins and of dead and floating in the inner harbor face down, and what happened to her? her body was found early yesterday morning. a reporter is live downtown with more on these developments. >> investigators hope an autopsy will provide some answers to what happened, but they know the results will take several days. according to her facebook page is -- page, the professor, was in the neurology department at johns hopkins school of medicine. investigators hope an autopsy will explain why the 53-year-old
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woman was found floating off a pier in canton on thursday. someone spotted the body face down in the water near the 2300 block of boston street at about 4:45 in the morning. the professor lived in a gated condominium community not far from where her body was discovered. neighbors say they are especially concerned, because this is the second half body found in the water in less than two months. >> a lot of people are dying in the water, but the odds seem slim. it is not very deep. i know things washed up, but you do not expect it to be bodies. >> a body was found on september 26. initially, police were investigating the death as suspicious. no other information was available. according to a facebook page, the professor got her degree from johns hopkins in 1985 after graduating from yale. she had been at hopkinson's
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1994. at this point, police do not suspect foul play. we have not been able to reach the family. autopsy results should be back by the middle of next week. wbal-tv 11 news. >> things have only gotten worse between the israelis and palestinians. israel has called up 16,000 reservists for a possible ground attack on gaza. that is the same day hamas fired rockets at jerusalem for the first time. a visit by the egyptian prime minister failed to stop escalating violence. the israeli army sent messages to gaza residents, warning them to steer clear of hamas operatives. a week after stepping down as cia director over a sex scandal, it was back to capitol hill for general david petraeus. he met privately with the house and senate committees to discuss the attack in libya on the u.s.
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consulate. petraeus testified classified intelligence showed the deadly raid that killed here americans was an act of terrorism. he withheld the information to avoid tipping them off. although petraeus's testimony was comprehensive, there is a long way to go. >> president obama and congressional leaders are promising to compromise after their first face-to-face meeting on the fiscal clip since the election. and they all want to prevent massive tax increases and massive spending cuts from taking effect. democrats recognize they will have to give a little. >> i hope this will be the beginning of a fruitful process. >> to show our seriousness, we put revenue on the table, as long as it is accompanied by significant spending cuts.
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>> we both are going to have to give up some of the things we know our problems. >> investors say it is optimism that a deal could be on the horizon. it helped to push a deal. -- it helped the stock market. >> bartlett is a congressman who carries a copy of the constitution at all times. he grew up in depression-era rural kentucky. >> his mother made family close out of feed sacks. the fiercely private bartlett agreed to sit down with our reporter. he explained how something left a lasting impact on top of the hill. >> i have been very lucky. >> after 20 years representing maryland's sixth route --
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district, bartlett is going back to his farm. "my present plan is to retire. i have earned that, i think. we will see what happens. >> his resume would make your head spin. farmer, doctor, businessmen, scientists, and engineer for johns hopkins, nasa, and the navy. an investor with 20 patents, including the precursor to life- support here used by astronauts and firefighters. important parts of his past that have shaped his votes and his legacy. "i think it gives you a better appreciation of the background for a bill and the impact of the bill. >> his greatest accomplishments here? fostering friendships across the aisle. supporting embryonic stem cell research without destroying embryos. going to the mat for green energy. >> i was green before it was cool to be green.
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>> but not convincing congress to address the looming oil crisis is a regret. he still worries about a long ago vote in favor of medicare part d. quick that was a huge increase in mandatory spending. i voted for it because i bought new gingrich's argument. >> after two failed runs for office, roscoe bartlett finally won the seat in 1992, after the district lines were redrawn. he lost the seed this year, when the boundaries were redrawn once again. agents of conservative voters were chopped off. a piece of suburban d.c. was tacked on. the electorate changed, the democrat w o n -- democrat won, and he is not bitter. >> they just did not think they were being represented. >> it is time now to tackle a wish list of projects he has put off for too long, starting with
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farm and family. >> i have 18 grandkids and two great hearing kids. i will get to see more of them. -- great grandkids. i will get to see more of them. i cannot wait to see what the future holds. >> he will be missed in congress. he is currently the second longest serving congressman, after ralph hall of texas. >> rice helped to stuff a us tonight. -- a bus tonight, to the benefit of the maryland food bank. he joined in stuffing mta buses full of nonperishable food to help feed local families this holiday season. the event continues tomorrow from 9:00 until 5:00. some of the most needed items include peanut butter, infant formula, diapers, oatmeal, and pasta. how a dispute over a side dish, landed one man in jail. >> you might have turned on your
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heat tonight. we found out how much more it will probably cost you to keep doing that this winter. >> and they may have a long shelf life, but finding 20's -- twinkies will soon disappear. the sour and to sweep staples. >> will see how chilly the weekend he will be. right now,
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>> we are following a developing story out of southwest baltimore, where police are investigating a shooting that happened just after 10:00 on belgium avenue. no word on the condition of the victim, a motive, or a suspect. hostess outlet shops have closed for good. they have not been able to come to a deal with thousands of union workers, so they are
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shutting down. 18,000 workers stand to lose their jobs. the employees we spoke to say they are not sure what their next move will be. >> i think it could have been done better than striking like that. it affects everybody. >> i have no idea. >> i have been here 11 years. it is not a good time. but it is what it is. >> tough times. hostess would continue delivery of all products until they are sold. some of the brands date back as far as 8088. >> a winter mix of news when it comes to the chilly conditions in the coming months. you will probably pay more for your heating bills, with one important caveat. our reporter is live in north baltimore with an explanation. >> the hyde bill prediction is
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predicated on the fact that forecasters correctly predict what this winter will mean for our homes this year. a bundle of. forecasters predict colder temperatures this winter. therefore, higher gas bills, upwards of 11% higher than last year. customers are expected to use more heat and pay roughly $9 more per month. despite the increase, it is the second lowest still hike in a decade. estimated natural gas market prices remained at historic lows, and supply is up. >> it is an economic downturn, combined with shale reserves that have been discovered. >> to what degree will its bell savings for you and me? >> if you can set it at 68, that is the ideal temperature. but it depends on your own home.
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>> with visions of snow in her head, the mayor of baltimore is trying to get ahead of any storm that may come. the snow removal budget stands at $2.70 million, which is expected to pay for more than 300 essential personnel and 15,000 tons of salt. >> we have put it in place ahead of time to make sure we have adequate resources to pile up the snow and move it out. >> back to those home heating bills. you can save more money by shopping around for a natural- gas. you do not have to get your gas from bg &e. >> authorities in florida say a fight between a man and his step that was sparked by broccoli.
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he faces eight charges of battery. he fixed dinner for his stepfather when woods complained that the broccoli on his plate was supposed to be saved for thanksgiving. the argument picked up steam and ended with a punch in the face. some limber londoners set a world record by cramming themselves into a mini cooper. 28 women managed to fit into the car. it took a little shoving and about 10 minutes for them all to get in there. that was just enough women to beat the previous record of 27. you will be happy to know that everyone escaped unharmed. >> now, your weather forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> you have to be really good friends to do that. you have to really get along,. mlb well the shower. >> clean clothes. -- and be well-showered. >> clean clothes.
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>> our producer is going to do this every night we hire -- have good weather. not much to worry about. a strong, high pressure will settle into night and settle in for the weekend. that means nice november weather, and crazy stories before the weather. it is four degrees below average for the day. the first 16 days of the month are averaging four degrees to 5 degrees below normal. we have not had a colder than normal month in baltimore since jerry of 2011. so far, almost half the month, in has been colder than normal this november. if it does not, it is the first time it has been colder than normal for an entire month since january 2011. 36 at elgin.
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it was down to 35 at the airport last night, and then they bounced up 6 degrees in an hour. a strange occurrence. i suspect it will be dropping quickly. many outlying suburbs are down around 25 by morning. a light north wind. look at all the real estate from baltimore to kansas city, and in the foothills of the rockies. the skies are clear underneath the high pressure system. it dominates our weather pattern for a few days. to the south of us, and tries to form. -- a storm tries to form. as we get deeper into sunday, and especially monday and tuesday, some clouds come in. but at this point, it does not look like any rain gets to us until perhaps the middle of next week. even that looks like just cloudy skies. a sunny saturday. light winds on the bay. waves are less than a foot.
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in western maryland, high temperatures in the mid 40's. lows in the mid-20s. lots of sunshine, both saturday and sunday. in talbot county, highs in the low 50's. you'll see something cloud cover, but it will be dry and cool. ravens and steelers, a great football weather. almost better than you would expect in western pennsylvania in mid november. light wind and clear skies. if you are not heading up there, watch it right here on sunday evening. it gets a little cloudier going into tuesday. maybe some showers along the coast. thanksgiving day looks great. a big travel day on wednesday, partly cloudy, with a high of 65. >> in the playoffs, it came down to one second, one final play.
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quick fix is 11 sports. >> we start with an incredible game in baltimore county.
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a big crowd watching. third quarter, tied at 14-14. his third touchdown. 24 yards. 21-14 indians. reggie ellis walks, 13 yards. back the millers come. an option to get it in. the extra point? no good. two minutes, 40 seconds remaining. he is chugging. he races 61 yards. he cuts back. he needed all 61 just to get to the end zone. touchdown. last-second, franklin had a tick left. could not get it done. the 33-28.
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champion river hill is hosting the appleton. the hawks are down 7-6. into the third. the turning point of the game. the raiders drive into a game- tying score. trevor hill recovers. that was deep in its own territory. after the celebrating is done -- a little play action. there he goes. number five goes 78 yards. the riders fought back, but river hill moves on. they will not have rail lewis, various web, or jimmy smith on sunday. the ravens and steelers have football fans nationwide pumped for sunday night. the rivalry has made it to the
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top. >> this is why the teams do not like each other. they are too similar. they have a few things in common. if you look down the line, their team and our team, it is pretty similar. this is why you play football, for games like this. you remember some games. these are the games you tell your grandkids about. you see the tiles. -- towels. you see the colors. you know you are in a fight. we know as soon as we walked in the stadium that are going to lock the gates. that is what we want. we want them to lock the gates behind us. >> the text question of the week -- the game against pittsburgh, is it a must win? crab yourself on and text an answer. -- gra your cell phone and text
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an answer. maryland is enjoying the growth portion of its schedule. it sets of teaching moments. at least, that is the theory. the turks are hosting brooklyn. -- the terps are hosting brook lyh. nice to have him there to clean up the mess. he had 18 points. off the screen. a 39-30 lead at the break. second half, but her. 15 assists. 43-32. allen knocks it down. terps nos 2-1. -- now 2-1. nunez has been working. he puts it home, 4-2.
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gonzalez -- we will call it a pass. baltimore improves to 4-0 on the season. that is it for sports. stay with us for the forecast.
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>> got some nice weather for the weekend. >> yes, we do. we will be below normal but a couple of degrees. the typical high is 56, 57. mostly cloudy skies, going into monday and tuesday. the big trouble the, wednesday, 55 degrees and dry. -- the big travel day, wednesday, 55 degrees and dry. >> it is almost finished. is it merely friday night? >> that is a genuine smile.
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. >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," ur


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